EHarmony Drama Queen

A year or so ago, a co-worker signed me up for eHarmony. He was tired of consoling me on a recent breakup and wanted to help me rebound. Since I’m not one to ever complain or outwardly display much emotion, he saw this as a problem that needed to be dealt with and this was his way.

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Within a month I had a date with a local college student who I met on eHarmony. We started talking online over Valentine’s Day weekend and decided to meet for dinner sometime around the first of March. This looked to be just what the doctor ordered – a beautiful local girl who likes baseball and math and generally just seemed very compatible with me.

We were going to meet at Chili’s and I told her I would wait outside the restaurant for her. So I arrived 15 minutes early and sat down on a bench near the front door and read some news on my iPhone (It was a weeknight so no one else was waiting). 25 minutes later I called her to see where she is. She was inside the restaurant crying because I didn’t stop her on the way in.
Apparently she walked right by, knew I was the one she was looking for, sat down at a table and started crying. Really? I should have given up on her right then. I mean, if she’s causing so much drama over basically nothing, what’s going to happen later?

But, she’s gorgeous and I wanted to give her another chance. Next week we decide to meet at the first baseball game of the season for the local college. She was all excited about it an was texting me all day and then suddenly she had to babysit longer than usual so she wouldn’t be able to come until an hour late. No big deal, I’ll be fine at the ball game by myself. I’ve done it a lot before. An hour and a half later, I call and she says she has to go eat dinner and I ask if I can join her. She says no because she’s just in a crappy mood.

Again, I should have given up because of the flakiness and drama, but no. The next week I offered to cook her dinner because I’m a pretty good cook. So I asked what she wants. Chicken strawberry pie. Not chicken with strawberry pie for dessert, but chicken and strawberry together in a pie. I had never heard of it and my friend who graduated from the Culinary Institute of America hadn’t heard of it. Anyway, I tried to make it and it turned out great and we had a good time. But a little later she pitched another fit about something useless and left with the left over pie. I never saw her again. Since then I have met some more sane people on eHarmony and I can see that it is a good way to meet people.


Online Dating for the Rich

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