Online Dating for the Rich

Online dating has revolutionized the traditional meet amp; greet of relationship set-ups, blind dates and barhopping and is becoming convenient, empowering, fun and interesting. In today’s environment, busy professionals do not have enough hours in the day to complete normal everyday task let alone try to find that special someone or casual acquaintance. Dating alone can be a difficult mission and finding that right individual who fits your unique needs is even more challenging. Millionaire dating is on the rise and single professionals are seeking dating resources in order to meet that successful man or woman of their dreams. Here are three of the hottest online dating services that cater to professional individuals with busy lifestyles.

Find Love Online is a premier service that provides successful professionals with a place to meet quality individuals. prides itself on upscale clients such as CEO’s, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, celebrities and professional athletes and has just implemented a certification service of millionaire members. The initial membership is free to sign up however there is a gold membership for selected clients that requires a fee. The free membership includes a profile post, email and conducting profile searches. members can enjoy online chats and can create their own blog for extra exposure. is an online dating service for men and women looking to step up their dating experience. Even though, a majority of men on this dating website are not millionaires yet, however they have the potential to become millionaires very quickly. has an earning guideline of $100K or over. I have to say that the caliber of these men are pretty impressive and would be worth a browse. For a limited time only, membership is free which includes a profile post, profile searches and email. The key thing about is that they have a premium verification system. The Wealthy Men Verification System verifies and approves income, profession and photographs, so that there will not be any surprises after the love connection. has been on the millionaire online dating block since 2002. I know at first glance the title is stereotypical and somewhat cheesy but this online dating service offers a wealth (no pun intended) of information pertaining to upscale online dating. strives to service the affluent and successful individuals and has been attracting thousands of members globally every month. offers free membership sign up which includes profile posting, profile searching and email services. is unique in its approach because it also provides dating articles, online dating tips, and advice on how to millionaire date.

Online dating is becoming more unique in its approach to attract and service select members and has taken its place in the market. While busy professionals strive for continued and heightened success, the need for these services will continue to grow. So, what are you waiting for? Here is your invitation to visit these websites and possibly meet the love of your lifestyle.


Why Interracial Dating Now Scares Me. What Is Up?

Interracial Dating!! Is it love, or just infatuation? Is someone rebelling against convention, or family? Is someone insecure or just rejected by his or her own race? What about economic motives, is it strictly sexual? Now do not get me wrong, some people do love each other in truth, but from my experiences, it is not so clear anymore.

Interracial Dating

Some females of another race explained to me that they liked x guys because they are manly. Is not that a form of prejudice, applying a label to all people by trait? I do not know I am just combing through my emotions. How many labels like this do we know?

I have heard people speculate that certain women date y races because their own race finds then unattractive. Is this true, or do these commentators use their beauty standards to classify other people’s desirability?

I happen to have some smart, attractive and good looking friends from other races, and I always notice the resentful stares I get as I escort them to the train station or the grocery store, I wouldn’t dream of anything because I would have to go to confession.

What about the money factor, athletes?

Alternatively, is it that people always have a different understanding of race relations? look at it from this point, some people discourage inter racial dating because they have had bad historical experiences These humans are not hateful at all, but they believe that life is easier if your mother and wife can speak the same language or maybe share the same values and customs.

I do not know, I think that my experiences have taught me that you should love, but this whole interracial dating monster now scares me.

Too much hidden under the surface. Or I am just a fool.

The Basics of Online Dating

Most people claim that you can’t find companionship or love online, and the rest of them claim that you might be able to, but they never had. Well, the truth is, you can find companionship, love, and lasting relationships on the ‘net. And it might not be as hard as you think.

But where to find this elusive thing, and how to master online dating so that you too can have your pick of the lucky ladies and handsome men on the net?

Basics of Online Dating

Where to Look

Don’t expect to sit down in front of your computer, bring up your browser, and instantly have several dates. But you don’t have to spend hours upon hours trying to find one, either.

Dating sites are the most popular way to find companionship.,… there are numerous online dating sites out there. If you’re choosing one, make sure to pick one that has fees you can afford, and has been around since 2002 or earlier.

Many people also try chat rooms to find someone to spend time talking, musing, and laughing with. These chat rooms can be found anywhere online! If you’re an AOL user, they offer a hole plethora of chat rooms for all sorts of interests – political, automobile, and even those looking for a little attention of the opposite sex.

You can also find chat rooms on MySpace, and other popular websites online – or you can use Google’s search engine and look for ‘relationship chat rooms’, or simply ‘chat rooms’.

Ways to Build a Good Profile

With any internet dating site, if you don’t have a good, solid profile, you won’t have much luck. But creating a profile can be harder than some might think, and creating one that others will like… that takes some serious thought.

The first step is to craft a profile – go ahead and make one now. Write about what you think is important, and we’ll go from there. Okay, do you have one down? Look over it… have you forgotten to list your favorite interests? Or that band you love? How about your job, or what you do for fun on a Saturday night.

Put as much detail as you can muster in your profile, and make sure that the person reading it is able to get a sense of who you really are. This is all they have to go by, after all!

Making Conversation

So, you have a profile on a good site, and you’re interested in someone. How can you make good conversation to keep them interested in you, too?

Talk about their interests, and make sure to subtly compliment them – over the top compliments make you seem cheesy, and your compliments seem less than honest. Quiet, easy compliments that make a person feel good – concentrate on those!

Watch the news, and talk about what’s going on in the world. It makes you sound like you know what’s happening, and you’ll learn their views on things as well.

Discuss your interests, and listen to what inspires them. Talk about the future as well as the past, and see if their goals for five, ten, even fifteen years down the road match with yours.

The online dating world is very real, and you can meet people that you would never encounter anywhere else. Real love can be found there, so give it a try!

Finding the Right Online Dating Website

There are thousands of popular online dating sites to sift through on the Internet. The massive popularity of such Web sites proves how open-minded people have become about matchmaking services in the 21st century.

There are thousands of popular online dating sites to sift through on the Internet. The massive popularity of such Web sites proves how open-minded people have become about matchmaking services in the 21st century. Meeting people on the Web has become commonplace for the younger generation. However, most who are seeking out dating sites hardly have the time to meet people, let alone explore every online social portal. There are many techniques one should employ when choosing which is the right site to use. The first thing a new user should do is set a budget for him/herself. This budget may equal zero, which is fine.
There are plenty of free dating sites available and many people have used them with great success. However, with paid dating sites, a person will be treated to a more advanced matchmaking process. Not only may this include a scientific approach to matching like personalities, many paid dating sites will conduct criminal background checks on its users. Another service may be a check on whether or not a user is secretly married. Although there are thousands of dating sites to choose from, only a handful has become familiar to the public as a reputable service. Massive television campaigns, banner ads and even word of mouth should let a person know if they are dealing with a legitimate company. This isn’t to say that the many dating sites without national attention aren’t any good, but some may feel more comfortable going with a safe bet.


Also, there will be more options on the most popular dating sites. If one chooses to use a lesser known dating service, it may be good to conduct a little research on it first. For example, many dating sites are listed with the Better Business Bureau, meaning that any complaints filed on the company can be found online for the public to see. The fact that a dating service is even registered with the Better Business Bureau should instill some confidence in a potential paying customer. With so many fly-by-night dating sites out there, it never hurts to be cautious with one’s finances (particularly when paying with a credit card). Singles should consider registering with several dating sites, rather than with one. Not only does this open a person up to more than one market, it will let the user judge which of the dating sites is really working. If one service is proving unsuccessful, it can easily be cancelled.

Many paid dating sites offer a free trial for a month or less, which is an even better opportunity for the curious single. Whatever a person’s lifestyle and partner preference, there are dating services available for everyone.